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Millwall Holdings plc (“Millwall” or the “Company”)

Amendment to Loan Note Facility

The Company has completed an amendment to the Secured Convertible NFL Loan Notes 2010 dated 28 March 2007 (“NFL Loan Notes”). The following amendments to the NFL Loan Notes were agreed:

1) the repayment date of the NFL Loan Notes has been extended to 31 July 2011, or earlier if at least £1,500,000 gross funds are raised in an equity issue;

2) the interest rate has increased from 9 per cent. to 11 per cent. per annum for the period from the original repayment dates in July and August 2010 to the new repayment date; and

3) interest accruing after the original repayment dates shall either (i) be payable quarterly in cash; or (ii) at the option of the Company and subject to the Company having obtained all necessary shareholder consents, in payment in kind notes.

Other than those terms stated above, the principal terms of the NFL Loan Notes remain the same.


Millwall: Andy Ambler / Tom Simmons
020 7232 1222

Seymour Pierce: Jeremy Porter / Tom Sheldon
020 7107 8000

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