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Millwall Holdings plc
(the “Company”)
8 December 2011
Notification of continuation of dealings through Crest

The Company announces that, following the cancellation of the admission of the Company’s ordinary shares to trading on AIM (“Cancellation”) effective from 19 December 2011, the Company’s shares will continue to be transferable through Crest when traded through the matched bargain trading facility to be provided by JP Jenkins. This will enable shareholders to continue to hold and trade their shares in uncertificated form post Cancellation, which is often less costly than trading shares in certificated form.

The letter to shareholders dated 8 November 2011 indicated that the Crest facilities would be withdrawn on Cancellation and those shareholders who hold shares in uncertificated form would receive share certificates. Shareholders who currently hold their shares through Crest will no longer automatically receive share certificates and need take no further action in respect of the arrangements for holding their shares.



 Millwall Holdings plc:               Andy Ambler / Tom Simmons
                                                020 7232 1222                                         

Singer Capital Markets:           Claes Spang / Nick Donovan
                                                 020 3205 7500



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