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Millwall Holdings Plc
(the 'Company')
16 May 2008

Notice Of General Meeting

Further to the announcements made on 7 April 2008 and 6 May 2008, although it remains of the view that the resolutions to be proposed are vexatious and ineffective, the Company has, in order to avoid the additional costs that would be incurred in seeking a ruling from the Court, determined that it is in the interests of shareholders to convene a general meeting at which the resolutions proposed by Mr Graham Ferguson Lacey will be considered.

The meeting will be convened as soon as practicable at a convenient time for both the Company and Graham Ferguson Lacey. A circular will be posted to shareholders shortly.

Heather Rabbatts, Chief Executive of Millwall Holding plc said:

'Mr Lacey has left us with little choice so we have decided to call a general meeting as this will result in lesser costs than going to court. Nevertheless, this is still a highly damaging exercise we are being forced into and will cost the club many thousands of pounds when we can least afford it. As we have repeatedly said, we remain of the view the resolutions proposed by Mr Lacey are both vexatious and ineffective and we are very confident our shareholders, including our 43,000 fans, will support the Board and defeat the resolutions, allowing the Board to get on with the job that matters: building Millwall into the club it deserves to be.'

Millwall plc
Heather Rabbatts 020 7740 0519

Seymour Pierce
John Depasquale 020 7107 8010

Neil Bennett/ Peter Ogden 020 7379 5151

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