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Hallbrook Partners Limited has written to some 15,000 current and former shareholders (“shareholders”) concerning potential compensation claims that may exist if shares in Millwall Holdings PLC or other companies had been purchased on the recommendation of certain firms of stockbrokers by telephone. The approaches may have occurred many years ago.

It is not possible for the Company to advise shareholders as to whether they should retain the services of Hallbrook, but suggest shareholders bear in mind the following.

  1. If you know the circumstances of your purchase was not based on telephone advice; then it is unlikely that you have a claim.
  1. Consider the original cost of your shares to decide whether a claim is worthwhile
  1. We understand Hallbrook offers an initial free consultation service and if instructed its charges are dependent upon a successful outcome of a claim, ie ‘no win, no fee’.

Please note that you may incur costs if you cancel the contract of services with Hallbrook, after a 14 day cooling off period and prior to the conclusion of your claim if Hallbrook has undertaken work on your case.

If in doubt contact our Company Secretary at info@millwallholdingsplc.co.uk

28 February 2017


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